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Meet John Harrington

img_0414Our family started to come to Holy Cross for weekday Mass on major holy days back when Wayne Haney was taking services here part time.  There wasn’t any other Episcopal parish in driving distance, or anywhere in the state as far as I know, that had services on most of the days of obligation during the week.  I think that’s still the case.  Most of our children were at home back then, and we would often make up the bulk of the congregation. Continue reading ‘Meet John Harrington’

Meet Laura Starr-Houghton


I came to Holy Cross following a suggestion from a friend when I moved to Weare about 17 years ago.  Finding that it was important to join and really become a member of the community, but at the same time being a child of the Me generation, nonconformist and forever suspicious of authority, I wondered, why would I do that, and why would I want to support a church with my money and time?  Continue reading ‘Meet Laura Starr-Houghton’

Meet Mike Goulet


We found our way to Holy Cross at the end of what I would call a long road of small events and coincidences. Kerri and I came from very different religious and spiritual backgrounds, but along the way we’ve shared common beliefs and values. We had both come to realize that we needed something more than just our own personal, private belief in God.


After driving by the sign on Rt 114 so many times, we finally worked up the nerve and went to church. Right from the beginning, everyone was warm and welcoming, and we realized that there was a community there that we could be a part of. From that first Sunday on, we’ve grown to love Holy Cross for so many different reasons. Continue reading ‘Meet Mike Goulet’

Meet Marge Burke


I am a cradle Episcopalian, baptized when I was six weeks old.  It was in the church where I grew up that I knew, without a doubt, that I was loved, loved by God and by the members of the church.  My Christian formation took root there.  I belonged.  While I probably couldn’t articulate my understanding of stewardship then, I understood it in an unconscious way. We had partitioned envelopes where we placed our offering each week, one half for the local parish and one half for mission outreach.   But, it was more than money, it was time and talent, that I gave, too. Continue reading ‘Meet Marge Burke’