Welcome to Holy Cross


We are a small community of local residents with a long history of providing meaningful worship and service to the community.  If you are looking for a caring, spiritual community, if you have just moved into town, or if you are looking for a friendly group, feel free to visit us any Sunday or call for more information.  Everyone, no matter religious background, is always welcome!

Our Vicar is Reverend David Ferner (see his post here http://wp.me/pt1sn-R8)

He can be reached at 603.529.1042 or email holycrossvicar@mygsc.com

OFFICE HOURS:  Wednesdays  3:30-5:30PM.  Call for appointment or just stop by.

SUNDAY SERVICE – 10:00AM (Fellowship follows at 11:15)

Summer schedule: Service at 9:00AM from July 1-Labor Day

Everyone welcome…”No experience necessary.”


WEARE FOOD PANTRY: Bring your gifts of non-perishable food items to Holy Cross on Sunday mornings.  Your contributions will then be delivered to the Food Pantry later in the week.

CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP.  Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month from 1:30-3:00PM.  All caregivers are welcome!

EVENT CENTER  Available for community groups, for regular meetings, or for special occasions. Reasonable daily and hourly rates. Please Call the church office or contact Linda Ottery at (603) 529-2186 (grannieonthego@comcast.net)  for more information.

VNA Clinic – Visiting Nurse: call for times and dates.

Mindfulness Exercises

Just Three Breaths: As many times a day as you are able, give the mind a short rest.  For the duration of three breaths ask the inner voices to be silent.  It’s like turning off the inner radio or TV for a few minutes.  Then open all your senses and just be aware—of color, sound, touch, and smell.                                                            

Reminding Yourself: Post notes in your environment with the number 3 on them. You could add a drawing of a person with an empty thought balloon abour her head.  It might help to set an alarm or cell to ring at irregular intervals throughout the day. How to Train a Wild Elephant, Jan Chozen Bays, MD, Shambhala, Boston, 2011 p. 68.