People Stewardship

Ministry Minute: Kerri Goulet

IMG_1203When writing my ministry minute, I was trying to think about why Holy Cross is meaningful to me.  And I realized it comes down the three things:

The Atrium. Children are welcomed and cherished in the Atrium.    The whole idea is for children to fall in love with God and Jesus at a young age and to nurture that relationship.  And how do they do that?  Through meditative “work,” where things unfold and are not rushed.  Where they wonder about God and Jesus.  The kids love it because it’s meaningful and true.

Holy Cross is a place that grounds us as a family. It reminds us how to prioritize things in our lives.  It reminds us what’s truly important on a weekly basis.  The rest of the world seems crazy and consuming and sometimes I feel I’m losing myself in it.  Then I come to church and it’s like taking a deep breath.  It’s humbling . . . and simple.

Holy Cross is a community. At Holy Cross we are part of a community, a consistent group of people that we see each week because we want to, not because it’s an obligation. We gather for the purpose of worship in Jesus Christ, but also find friendship and support.  Some of the people here at Holy Cross . . . I still don’t know their names, but I know their faces and their friendly smiles and I look forward to seeing them each week (and getting to know their names :) ).

I asked my kids, why is Holy Cross important to you? Maddy said, “It’s like a celebration for God.” Alex said, “It means that we’re praying.  We’re talking to God and giving thanks.  Maddy added, “Because we honor God and Jesus.” Alex said, “It’s because we like the baptism activity in the Atrium.”

I thought to myself, it’s because we are all a part of Holy Cross and we depend on it.  And Holy Cross depends on us too.