Meet David Roy

I guess I would have to be called a cradle Roman Catholic. I came from a family where it was “you better be to church 15 minutes early,” “you better have all the prayers memorized,” and “you better not sneeze or cough while the priest is talking.” As I grew older, church kind of phased out of my life because I already knew all the readings and sermons but it just didn’t seem like it related to me.

When my family and I decided to look for a church to attend, Holy Cross was just the old building, and living down the street I honestly didn’t even know if it was open. During our searching time, we saw a hole being dug and the huge addition being put on. I remember when it was completed my wife and I saying to each other, why don’t we check this church out? So one Sunday we walked through the doors to what I think was a smiling face but it could have been shock: Fr. John welcoming us and most every person that Sunday receiving us and asking us if we would come back. We went home and discussed our experience and we agreed: 1) we actually felt the service and the sermon connected with us and our everyday life and 2) the kids all enjoyed their experience in the atrium and asked if they could go again, and 3) we felt we were part of a community even though nobody knew us. In the years since then, our lives have been enriched, we have gained new friends, and we have been able to strengthen our relationship with God because of all of the people of Holy Cross.

I am also very involved in various community organizations here in town. Holy Cross has become a familiar name because of the doors always being open for all to use from Cub Scout meetings and senior dinners to cheerleading practice. The whole town has become aware that there is a true community center here. When we first started to attend there were many empty chairs, but now every Sunday I wonder if there will be enough seats for everyone. For my whole family I thank the Holy Cross congregation for what they all do and for creating the new building. Holy Cross has become a true part of my life and my family’s. We thank Holy Cross for letting us be part of their family.