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Ministry Minute: Tammi Compagna

Tammi is a sixth grader at Weare Middle School.

Tammi is a sixth grader at Weare Middle School.

Hello! When I got asked to do a ministry minute I was really nervous. Then I really thought about it and thought to myself, it’s church, nothing to be afraid of. Church is an extremely big part of my life. Every Saturday night I know I have church to look forward to in the morning. I would have to say my favorite part of church is the Atrium [our children’s formation program, a Montessori-based approach]. The first time I went to church I remember Atrium was downstairs. I was so scared when my mom left me and my younger brother Garrick down there. After a while I grew more comfortable. Then we moved upstairs and I was in the Level I a little bit longer.

When I moved up to Level II Atrium I was with my older brother Ryan, but Garrick was still in Level I. That’s when I met Anne [her catechist or teacher]. She was so nice and still is. That’s also when I learned what an acolyte is. I was jealous of Ryan and couldn’t wait to become one. When I went through the training, I was surprised Ryan didn’t get confused, because I was. Then I finally got it. I will never forget how nervous I was the first time I was an acolyte. I also really enjoy doing the collection. Although it may get very confusing, it’s fun to walk around carrying the basket.

What definitely makes our church unique is that we have breakfast. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to socialize and have fun. I love that here people know my name and I know everyone else’s name. At my old church people didn’t really know anyone so they just kept to themselves. But overall, church is one of my favorite places to be.