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Pentecost 20 October 18, 2009

Isaiah 53:4-12                                                                    

Hebrews 5:1-10                                                                  

Mark 10:35-45


Well, it looks like it may be morning in America again. The Dow closed above 10,000; Goldman Sachs is looking for record profits with bonuses up in the hundreds of millions for its top people; air travel to exotic vacation spots is driving holiday air fares higher by the week; talk of reforms for the financial system is fading.

Morning comes in an interesting way though. Maybe you’ve noticed: the sun touches the tops of the hills and mountains, turning them golden, while the valleys where most of us live are still dark and damp, lying under frost. While a few people at the top are cheering the end of the recession, if this is the end, you and I know people who are unemployed, who are trying to get food stamps, who have no health coverage, whose pay has been cut, who may lose their homes. It is, as usual, the ordinary people who have to wait the longest for things to pick up.

The world of the Bible was no different. In fact, economic and social inequality was far greater back then. Continue reading ‘Pentecost 20 October 18, 2009’

Holy Cross Supports Weare Food Pantry

These are hard times for many folks, and we’re making a special effort at Holy Cross to support the Weare Food Pantry. The Pantry currently serves almost 100 families each month. It is located in the Weare Middle School and is open Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Holy Cross collects nonperishable items every Sunday, bringing them to the Altar as a special offering on the fourth Sunday of each month. Perishable items (margarine, cheese) can now also be brought on Sundays and placed in the small refrigerator under the sink off the Gathering Space. They will be delivered to the Pantry.

Pantry volunteers pose before a recent Wednesday session.

Pantry volunteers pose before a recent Wednesday session.


The Pantry now has a toy cupboard as well.

The Pantry now has a toy cupboard as well.