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Ordinary Time Gallery

The Spiritual Life Task Force presents an opportunity for interested parishioners to take part in a summer time exploration of the Sunday Gospel lessons and revelatory art.

You are invited to choose a Sunday during the summer, read the assigned Gospel, find a piece of art or photography that speaks to the reading and write a short meditation or poem that connects the two.   The piece of art and the meditation will then be posted on the appropriate Sunday in the “Ordinary Time Gallery”, the space just inside the glass doors between the Gathering Space and the Worship Space.

A sign up sheet will be on the table in the Gathering Space.  A list of websites where you can find religious art will also be available, however, you are not limited to those sites.   Original art work, photography etc. that open meaning to you in connection to the Gospel reading are perfectly acceptable.

Please limit the size of the art work to 8 1/2” x 11”.   Your meditation or poem should also fit on one 8 ½” x 11” paper.  Questions, more information – contact Marge Burke.



2011 Sermons

Baptism of Our Lord January 9, 2011

Isaiah 41:1-9                                                                        

Acts 10:34-43                                                                      

Matthew 3:13-17

 If you’ve driven down 114 in the past few weeks, you may have noticed the message on the sign board at Christ Community Church: Christmas is not a day; Christmas is God with us. We might expand on that thought: Christianity is not a religion; Christianity is God with us.

That’s an almost impossible idea for us human beings to get our minds around, and it must be said that in two thousand years we’ve never really succeeded. We want a religion. We want a God who is comfortable, understandable; a God who fits nicely into our lives, a system that suits us, that works for us; a church that meets our needs, that comforts us with certainties and never challenges us or confronts us with the awesome mystery of the living God.