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Marriage at Holy Cross

Marriage is a sacrament and a life, not just a wedding.

Marriage is a sacrament and a life, not just a wedding.

So you’re planning to get married! That’s wonderful. In the Episcopal Church, Holy Matrimony is a sacrament involving a solemn, lifelong commitment. Part of this commitment is the expectation that the couple–or at least one of them–will be an active member of the faith community, at Holy Cross or elsewhere. Marriage in the Episcopal Church also entails a course of preparation. At Holy Cross that means meeting with the Vicar to explore and discuss important areas of the marital relationship–working out differences, handling finances, raising children, sex, roles, expectations. It also involves planning the ceremony and talking about the meaning of its various parts. We want to work out a wedding that speaks to the couple’s values and dreams, while being consistent with the theology of Christian Marriage in the Episcopal Church. Continue reading ‘Marriage at Holy Cross’

Lent 1 March 1, 2009

Genesis 9:8-17                                                                    

Mark 1:9-15     


He sat in my study in the church back in Illinois, a very important man, rich and powerful. He wanted something from little our church: a place for his daughter’s wedding. The family had been “members” of the more fashionable parish in the next town, but they never attended church so the rector there had declined to do the daughter’s wedding. Now this proud father found himself in an unusual position, begging. “I will make it worth your while,” he said. “There will be a contribution. What does your church need?” Continue reading ‘Lent 1 March 1, 2009’