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The Epiphany of the Lord January 6, 2010

Isaiah 60:1-6                                                                       

Ephesians 3:1-12                                                                

Matthew 2:1-12

[At Holy Cross Church, we celebrate major feasts that fall on weekdays with informal evening house Masses. A congregation of a dozen or so gathers at the vicarage. The celebrations are followed by potluck desserts.]

Increasingly these major feasts in the Church calendar – All Saints’, Ascension, the Epiphany – can be celebrated on the nearest Sunday. That’s true with the Epiphany now in the Roman Catholic Church in North America, the Anglican Church of Canada, even the Church of England. The Sunday celebration allows the whole congregation to share in what are important liturgies of the Christian faith. But keeping the celebrations on weekdays does have the advantage of reminding us that the Church moves to a deeper and more ancient rhythm that the commercialized, secular world around us. We have lost a lot of the richness of a world that was oriented around the cycle of feasts and fasts, holy days with their rituals and stories.

Sometimes I come up to a Mass like the one tonight and I wonder what I can possibly find to say – to say that is fresh and new for this congregation of faithful house Mass attendees, who have all heard my thoughts many times before. But then, praying with the readings, they begin to open up and reveal new depths of richness, new allusions and insights. And these major feasts also are so much more than the readings appointed for them. They gather up thematically all sorts of strands that interweave in the great matrix of the Catholic faith. Continue reading ‘The Epiphany of the Lord January 6, 2010’

Christmas 2 January 4, 2009

Jeremiah 31:7-14                                                                               

Ephesians 1:3-6, 15-19a                                                   

Matthew 2:1-12



The search committee for a new priest had prepared a glowing description of the person they were seeking. He or she would revitalize their worship with dynamic preaching; inspire their stewardship so that their budget would be balanced and they could expand their programs and fix up their building; visit all the shut-ins and newcomers; restart the youth group; rebuild the Sunday school, and be personally a shining example of faith. And when this paragon had accomplished all these goals, the committee wrote in its search brochure, “we look forward to basking in the warm glow of success.”


Well, don’t we all? Continue reading ‘Christmas 2 January 4, 2009’