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2010 Ministry Minute #3 Heidi Clow

IMG_0005Holy Cross Junior Warden Heidi Clow is a longtime resident of Weare. With her husband Tom, she owns Colburn’s North Village Store. When the Clows retired after long careers as educators in the Manchester public schools, they bought Colburn’s and adopted a daughter, Amanda. Amanda brought Heidi to Holy Cross. Heidi is a weaver, and at the conclusion of her Ministry Minute, she presented the church with a lovely set of woven Altar clothes.

When I was a teacher, we started every day on the floor in a circle at “Morning Meeting.” We greeted each other, shared, discussed what we were learning and talked about behavior. I tried to teach the children that everyone was unique, special, and that everyone had good qualities which they could use to be contributors to the world. I couldn’t, of course, say, in a public school, that we are all children of God, but it was what was meant. Our class talked about what we were learning, how to behave in certain situations, how to solve classroom problems, and ways to help each other. I miss those meetings. Children were so open, kind and thoughtful during that part of the day, and often, other adults mentioned the way my class was caring of each other.

The bullying incidents which have been in the news lately have bothered me a lot, and it is one thing I pray about. These innocent children who have taken their own lives because of bullying had a right to be the people they were, God’s children. We are all children of God, and I do not understand why children feel they can target another child, even if that child is different from them. I pray that the children I taught remember what we discussed and that they are compassionate with others in our world. And I pray that other adults model correct behavior in front of children so that this needless bullying ends.

At Holy Cross one of the things I find extremely special is the caring way everyone is with others. When we say the “Peace” each week, sing a hymn together, pray for others in our community, or celebrate communion, sometimes I feel like crying, because it is so wonderful. I wish the world were more like Holy Cross. From the first Sunday I came here, I have felt included and I am happy to be a part of this morning meeting, in which we solve problems together, share our lives, and try to be the best children of God that we can.