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Easter Vigil April 11, 2009

O.T. History of Salvation

Romans 6:3-11

Luke 24:1-12


Around the church tonight is this wonderful series of quilt-style banners depicting the story of God’s saving work through history. We have six of them now; Nancy Stehno just completed the one over the organ, illustrating a passage from the Book of Proverbs about Wisdom being more precious than gold. Nancy, I hesitate to tell you this, but there are six more we could do, if we draw on both the Episcopal and Revised Common Lectionaries! But, one at a time. That’s the way God works, so you can work that way too.


Actually, there could be more than 12 banners. There could be an infinite string of banners, stretching into the future, because God is working out God’s plan of salvation in every one of our lives, in the world around us, in every event in the news—even the terrible ones. Continue reading ‘Easter Vigil April 11, 2009’

Lent 4 March 22, 2009

Numbers 21:4-9                                                                  

Ephesians 2:1-10                                                                

John 3:14-21


I was more than a little surprised when Bishop Robinson said yesterday, speaking at the annual diocesan stewardship institute, that the Old Testament reading for today was exactly meant for us, at this moment of economic crisis in the world. The bronze serpent, I thought to myself? I’d been wondering how I was going to explain this bit of weirdness to my congregation. Continue reading ‘Lent 4 March 22, 2009’

Lent 3 March 15, 2009

Exodus 20:1-17                                                                  

1 Corinthians 1:18-25                                                       

John 2:13-22


“On his first day of eighth grade at the former Holy Name Roman Catholic school in Washington, DC, last fall, Jeffrey Stone bowed his head, clasped his hands and began to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Within seconds, his teacher chided him: ‘We don’t do that anymore.’”*


Holy Name, like six other financially troubled schools in our Nation’s capitol, was turned into a charter school over the summer last year. Continue reading ‘Lent 3 March 15, 2009’