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2010 Ministry Minute #2 Connor Houghton

connorI have truly grown up here at Holy Cross. Of course when I say this, you will immediately think, yes you have, you are very tall. This is natural; it is the reaction I get at every extended family get-together or whenever I meet someone new. But when I say that I have grown up here, I mean it in a different way. I feel like I have grown in character, in leadership, and in overall attitude during my seventeen years here. Going to church has meant a lot more than coming to a building to worship for an hour then leaving. Memories that will stay with me certainly involve getting here at seemingly unhealthily early hours for a Sunday morning, and staying well into the start of many football games in the afternoon. However now as I grow up and am preparing to head off to college, I can see that I have reaped many benefits from this time at Church. It had given me ample time to reflect on my views and beliefs in all aspects of life.

Over the past few years I have really started being able to take a side when it comes to issues of both morality and spirituality, which I do not believe I would be able to do if it hadn’t been for my time at church. It has also sparked an interest in me in church history and social justice, which coupled with my Catholic school education has given me the opportunity to study many aspects of the origins of religion as a whole and the Episcopal tradition. This study has given me a much more informed belief and has shown me that I really do believe in what we stand for here and in the Episcopal Church at large. Because I feel so strongly about the sense of community and belonging that comes from going to church here, I have dedicated my time and energy in many hours of community service to try and give back to the community here. This year, I hope to continue this spirit of service in helping with the search process and giving back in every way I can before I leave Weare for a new life in college. Overall going to Holy Cross has given me a much different outlook on life as a whole and I am sure that wherever I may end up, the lessons that I have learned here will travel with me and impact every decision that I make in the future.