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Fr. Darrell’s last Sunday

A wonderful cake topped with many animals was served at coffee hour to honor Fr. Darrell on his last Sunday as interim for Holy Cross. Dr. Darrell has worked extensively with Heifer International. A representative with Heifer had given a presentation during the Adult Forum earlier that morning, hence the farm animals!

Here's a close-up of that cute cake...

The Rev. Darrell Huddleston presided and preached his last Sunday in an interim capacity on November 20.

Fr. Darrell, a current resident of Concord who retired in 2007 from full-time ministry, currently assists on occasion at St. Paul’s in Concord. Before coming to Holy Cross for a time during our vicar search, Fr. Darrell had completed an interim assignment at Grace Church in Manchester. Over the years, he has served  a variety of congregations as well as the regional director of Heifer Project International.  He and his wife Bunny have lived, worked or traveled extensively in 27 countries.

Bishop Arthur Walmsley, a parishioner at Holy Cross, and Fr. Darrell have been sharing interim duties at Holy Cross during the summer and fall as the vicar search continued. The vestry recently called Lise Hildebrandt to be our new vicar and she will officially begin December 1.

We will miss Fr. Darrell but wish him well on his continued life’s endeavors.

Celebrating Stewardship Campaign

Chatting while waiting for the blessing and the beginning of the Stewardship dinner.

The parish gathered on November 19 to celebrate the end of our Stewardship Campaign with a potluck dinner and a raffle. Lots of food and fellowship was shared, and the raffle doled out some fun, interesting and useful prizes. It’s always a good time when the Holy Cross family gets together for a meal and a good time.

Lots of fun prizes were raffled off to folks who made a pledge for 2012.

Lots of yummy food was consumed!

The best part is being together for a time.


The children in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atria worked recently in the garden space between the old and new building. The space adjoins a play area fenced off several years ago, but never fully completed.

Before the snow sets in for good for the winter, the children worked very hard in both areas to rake, move stones and old building materials, replant perennials, dig out stumps and other tasks. Plans were also mapped out for the spring, taking into account the shady areas as well as those that will receive enough sunlight for flowering plants.

We hope to use those flowers for our arranging work in the atria. We’d also love to plant a “pizza garden”!  Want to help? See Laura Arvin.

All ages got involved.

Clean up is more fun with friends!

This group was mighty proud of a particularly difficult stump they managed to extract. It was a fun day outside in the sunshine enjoying God's creation.

Youth Group room gets fresh coat of paint

The youth group room, located in the basement of the old building, recently received a fresh coat of primer and paint, courtesy of a wonderful, hardworking group of volunteers of all ages. The project is ongoing, so if you’d still like to help out, contact Derek Larkin. And many thanks to those who’ve gotten messy for the cause (or those who supervised those who got messy! :-)

Some future members of the youth group help out with the Youth Group room painting.

Painting with abandon!

The Youth Group room is fresh and VERY bright now. Thanks to all you volunteers!

November 13, 2011 Sermon – 22nd Sunday of Pentecost

a sermon by
The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond
Proper 28, November 13, 2011
Holy Cross, Weare, NH

When I was a child, I had a collection of post cards from my grandmother. One day, a friend, staying at my house as our guest, ripped the corners off most of them to steal the stamps. When I saw what had happened, I confronted him and he said he did not think I would miss them. The relationship was permanently damaged. That experience was my first exposure to what I do now as my life’s work – encouraging this conversation we are having in the church around stewardship. I did not love my friend less, however, I was always aware that there was less joy in our friendship after that. When we hold back our pledge, it is not the love between us and our god which is sapped – rather it is some of the joy that is reduced. And the irony is that it is OUR joy which is withered by the self-worship of that particular flavor of greed.

This morning’s readings from the prophet Zephaniah, from Paul’s letter to the Philippians and from the Gospel are all pointing to right relationship. The entirety of the Holy scriptures of the Hebrews and the Christians can be summed up as a story about the difficult relationship between God and God’s created humans. And this set of readings is no different. Continue reading ‘November 13, 2011 Sermon – 22nd Sunday of Pentecost’